Professor Dr Amir Hossein Zekrgoo

Professor Zekrgoo is an artist, art historian and an Indologist. He is an established painter, a skilful calligrapher and an imaginative photographer whose works have been exhibited in many countries namely Czechoslovakia, China, India, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Switzerland, UAE, and US since 1977. A seven-year span in the West and nearly two decades in the East had a great impact on Amir’s life both intellectually and artistically, which can be observed in his artworks and writings. Eastern Mysticism is sometimes treated with a blend of techniques of Western origin. He is teaching art, history of art, philosophy of Islamic & Oriental Arts, and comparative studies in religious and sacred arts since 1982. In 2001, he moved to Malaysia and joined the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He is now a professor of Islamic and Oriental Arts at the institute.