2 Mar 2016


On 2 March 2016, I was privileged to have attended a talk by Alfons Hug, curator, critic & exhibition organiser. Currently director of the Goethe-Institute in Singapore, his involvement in art biennales is extensive. Since 2002 he has curated many biennales including 25th & 26th Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil with 670,000 visitors and 917,000 visitors respectively. He is also acclaimed for curating the 1st. and 2nd Bienal of Montevideo, Uruguay.

It was a wonderful and informative art biennale talk organised by the National Visual Art Gallery of Malaysia. He spoke of the need for art biennales, the challenges and the future of these events.

After the talk, we had dinner with the speaker, Alfons Hug and Director of Goethe Institute, Malaysia. Clearly he is passionate about his curatorial work, as he continued to give in-depth information and shared his experiences organising the art biennales during the dinner.

Many thanks and appreciation to Madam Zanita Anuar the Director of the Office of the KL Biennale and Rolf Stehle the Director of Goethe Institute for bringing in Alfons Hug to speak on how wonderful it is to have an art biennale!