4 Nov 2016 Ferado


Fe’ s marriage to a painter exposed her to art. Though, at first, she supported her husband’s profession, she gradually understood the rudiment of arts and started to embrace painting in 1994. A great lover of nature, she is at peace at painting flowers, still life, landscape and seascape. As a member of Cebu Artists Incorporated she actively joins art exhibits initiated by her group not only in Cebu but in other places of the Philippines and in foreign countries, as well.


Charly was born and raised in St.Pierre, south of Reunion Island. As he grows in his creative endeavors he finds fascination with painting the eyes of people believing that the human eye is the window of the soul, and an element that aids him see the goodness in everything. His trip to Africa for a one month residency in Botswana has also encouraged him to incorporate trees into his paintings. For Charly, life as an artist is a gift, thus, he keeps an open eye, embrace change and support others hoping to be a great partner of change and development in his country.


Pepito is a graduate of Fine Arts at the University of the Philppine Cebu College in 1981. For the first decade of his practice as a painter, he was greatly fascinated with painting landscapes, seascapes and still lifes in an Impressionistic and realistic style. He has started to shift to his style in Cubism in 1994 finding fascination in painting ordinary people as his subjects. Pepito’s search for strengthening his spitituality has helped him put a supernatural meaning of his artistic expression. Pepito’s art reflects a strong sense of hope, and propagates the importance of putting God in what one does, encourages to help strengthen family ties and patriotism.


Freddy Sofian is currently based in Bandung, Indonesia. His art career began in the studio of Rangga Gempol and in his quest to gain more knowledge in Fine Arts, he had Dutch and German exposure. He has exhibited his art in various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore,Holland and USA. Particularly, he participated in a Global Art Project, in Tucson , Arizona – U.S.A.