Colour Pencil Artist

5 Nov 2016

I have never met Sharon SS Kow but I admired her art work and befriended her on social media. I have always been amazed by those, especially artists, who are diligent and full of patience and passion. It shows in her art.

Her medium is COLOUR PENCIL…Imagine that!… which requires arduous, labour intensive work and a very good eye for details. She usually draws with a few pencils in hand so she can quickly switch from shade to shade.

What’s more amazing is that she takes the time and trouble to blog about her technique and how she felt when drawing the strokes, to give her audience a more intimate insight into the world of a colour pencil artist.

My personal favourite is this of her pet, Sugar in a contemplative mood.



To see how detailed is the process she shows us her work-in-progress (click the picture to view the progression)

Of Time Long Past

The following is her bio-data which details her story and achievements :

Sharon Siew Suan Kow

A self-taught coloured pencil artist living and working in Penang, Sharon began seriously pursuing coloured pencil art in 2013 at the age of 43. Her style of art gravitate towards photo realism, paying extreme attention to details, nuances of colour and light.

Her inspirations are derived from simple and everyday subjects. To her, these common subjects reflect her perception of the many human emotions and therefore every piece of her art reveals a deeper meaning than just a beautiful subject.

She has exhibited locally and internationally. Her work has been featured and published in several international publications.

Sharon is the first colour pencil artist in South East Asia to earn the Signature Status with Colored Pencil Society of America in 29th July 2016.


Member of Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA)

Member of the Australian Colored Pencil Artist (AUSCPA)

Member of International Guild of Realism (IGOR)

She is very excited to be participating in this edition of Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 and I’m excited to be finally meeting her, in person.