Listed on The Island Drum website

8 Nov 2016 Ferado

TERIMA KASIH !! Thank you to Vanessa Workman of The Island Drum for listing LAB2016 in their Langkawi – Future events page.


The Island Drum website is based in Langkawi and is THE site to go to, to get to know Langkawi better. I just love the segment THIS WEEK IN LANGKAWI- WEEKLY UPDATES.
Here, you will know about locations of both fine dining restaurants and night markets with its glorious food (complete with mouth-watering pictures) and listed day-by-day, so one does not miss out on any happenings!

The website helps tourists (and locals) to explore Langkawi further. Kudos to her hard work keeping track of all the events and sharing updates. Now she has also expanded to explore other parts of Malaysia.