Initial Installation works at LAB2016: Freddie Sofian, Indonesia

14 Nov 2016 Ferado

In this installation work, Freddy Sofian of Indonesia chose this simple chair to express a very significant message.

The chair, he says, symbolize a position, a status. Some people want to take this “seat” that signifies status or position and would do anything to get such, even to the point of hurting others. For him, such “greed” for position should have no place. As an artist, he does not like such aspiration for power, position and status. Thus, that rope that he tied around it would prevent anyone to take that seat of position or power.

It is worth noting that even the simplest artifact could carry so many messages to be expressed.



Zul Idris, the former owner of this chair says “Every nation has sat on that chair.”

This is just one of the many art installations we will be seeing at Langkawi Art Biennale. Come, join us!

This time, I have to help  Freddy carry his chair.
This time, I have to help Freddy carry his chair.