LAB 2016 Sculptors in Focus: Mauritius Team

14 Nov 2016 Ferado

For the past days, I have been excitedly following up the progress of the many sculptural works being done for the Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 at the marble factory and in Zul Idris’ place. Like the rest of the sculptors, the Mauritius group were all powdered with marble dust, working under the temporary shelter they set up as they took turns hewing, cutting and polishing the marble pieces. They also did the same work on the log: cleaning it, shaping and molding it to what it is now.

Jean Lewis Dick, a teacher of sculpture in Ecole Sculpture de Bambous, Mauritius worked with his students Jean-Daniel Orian, Nicolas Mariette, Ryan Azenor and the only female in the group, Baliram Ourmila to come up with these masterpieces.

Title: Observation
Message: Let’s explore the underwater world

The first time I asked the Mauritius group what they are going to produce for their Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 sculpture project, Jean Lewis Dick told me, “We will allow the materials to tell us what form it will take“.

It took them some time of exploration in order to get acquainted with Langkawi Island before they got together and brainstormed what visuals they are going to portray. They came up with these marble pieces showing a figure enjoying the sea. The relaxed smiling figure seemed to show appreciation for the seascape represented by the fish.

On the other hand,the tree that was once dirtied and was just lying around in the place now stands up, proud with the images carved on it. One sees an eagle, the famous symbol of Langkawi swooping down from the top. The image is approriately centered by some buffalos in the middle of the trunk. One also sees some leaves adorning the figure and the images of ducks below with their necks and bills pointed upward, all representing Langkawi’s rich biodiversity.

Title: Let the tree open its heart to you;
Message: The harmony between nature and animals under the theme Exploration.

These sculptures are just some of the artwork we are going to see and experience for the forthcoming Langkawi Art Biennale 2016. We will be seeing more art coming from various parts of the world in the coming days.