Let The Great Exploration Begin!

17 Nov 2016 Ferado

With an art conference hosted among more than 100 artists from 33 countries, the international Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 has begun. Carrying the theme of “Exploration” for this year around, the Biennale expands on the theme of the previous Biennale, “Migration” in the hope to encourage artists of different principles to explore further and farther in their respective creative endeavours.

Through a short art conference moderated by a panel of experienced artists from different countries, artists get to obtain an inkling into the landscape of art in various cultural background. It was particularly interesting when artists begin to express on their perspective in promotion of art from multiple facets of approach to the similar motivation.

Artists gathered around to share their hopes and dreams as the conference came to an end, followed by a casual mingling session at the exhibition area. While some of the artists resumed building their respective art installation, others were sharing their passion and motifs behind each and every one of their masterpieces.

As the night slowly crept up the venue, it marked the herald of the new biennale for 2016. With many exciting activities coming up in the next few days, one should come in an open mind and embrace the diversity and versatility of the little passion that we share that we called art. Now it’s the time we let the great exploration begin!