Highlights: Artists/Performers Langkawi Art Biennale2016 Appreciation Night

26 Nov 2016 Ferado

This will be one in a series of articles featuring Langkawi Art Biennale2016 Inauguration Night.

Some participating LAB2016 artists performed and showcased their diverse talents during the Inauguration Night held last November 18 at the Langkawi International Convention Center.

Charly Lesquelin of Reunion, France sang the solemn “You Raised Me Up”, while Raju Pithakote rendered an upbeat Nepalese song “Firiri, Baby.”

Another artist who performed was Mazlan Noor from Malaysia who recited a poem. Due to technical errors, the translation was not placed on screen; here is the full translation of the poem, which was translated by Mazlan Noor himself.


if i can see the wind…the typhoon must be enormous
if i am in the rainbow…i will non stop singing

if i can hold the light…then how do I measure it
if i fly in the sky…what is there at the outer space

what is there inside the earth ?…then it must be very mysterious
what are there in the deep ocean ? then what is the north pole ?
and what is there in the south pole ?

if i am not good in calculating it
then I will lost in my journey

what is there at Mount Kinabalu ?..the land below the wind
and what is there at Mount Tahan…the Malaysian backbone of Titiwangsa
the amazing panorama that make me want to paint and paint

what is the forest… if i am in the middle of the jungle
the magnificient habitat of the flora and fauna
if I am in the Amazon…what will i see see in the trees
what can i find inside the leaves

if i am at the peak of Everest…i will be amazed with the Himalayan
the gigantic range the rooftop of the world
fantastic horizon created by the mighty God

if i am travelling in the huge Desert of Sahara
will i survive ? every steps that I move…I never stop phrasing God’s name
many things are unthinkable…many things are questionable

if i am at the peak of Pyramid…I like to see what is inside
the ancient secret of the monument..the mysterious building
with full of questioning and inquiring
to be pondered from period to period
generation to generation

if i am at the Agra…the Taj Mahal is so captivating
the symbol of true love…till now people are talking

when I was at Borobudor…seeing the sculptured stones is so amazing
carving of the rocks…portraying religious ways of a religion

what is the Great Wall of China…the meaning and intention of the king
to protect the people from the enemies..so that the people live in harmony

what is Nabawi’s Mosque ? if i am at Medinah
the tomb of the last prophet…the prophet name is Muhammad
and if I am at Mecca…who am I infront of the KA’ABA ?
the black cube building…to perform praying for one destiny
centralising the muslims to worship the GOD

i do many mistakes…i have so much questions
i have so many sins….show me the wright way
the path to YOUR way

These are just among the many entertaining numbers presented during the LAB2016 Inauguration night.