Raju Pithakote’s White Drops and his Exploration Journey

26 Nov 2016 Ferado

Being with the LAB2016 Exploration sculptors and seeing them work on their pieces from start to finish was an exciting adventure.

One of these international artists is Raju Pithakote, a multi-talented artist who paints, sculpts, sings and plays various musical instruments. As a sculptor, he had been exhibiting his works in Nepal and abroad since 1993. He had been awarded the Fine Arts Award in 2012 and was given the 2007 Grand Award in the First National Sculpture Exhibition (ARAMBHA) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

At the hardware shop, Raju Pithakote, sculptor from Nepal carefully chooses the instruments he is going to use.

Working under the heat of the sun and with all the marble dust covering his whole body, Raju keeps on aspiring towards seeing his masterpiece done.

White Drops
It brings so much joy to see one’s work finished at last!

Raju speaks of his sculptural piece, which he entitled WHITE DROPS: “White drops are melting and flowing through the mountains, terrains and finally the depth of the sea. I have brought the white drops from the heart of Nepal, the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest. Let’s keep our mind, society, towns, country and the whole country clean.”


To another piece which he entitled JOURNEY, Raju says: “The world is beautiful. Let’s move ahead with positive thoughts to destination beyond our imagination. We will have a successful journey. Let’s become happy and make everyone happy to make this beautiful world a better place to live in. This is part of my exploration…”

Raju and I beside his Journey sculpture during LAB2016 Inauguration Night

I share the joy of seeing the fruit of these Exploration sculptors’ labors, and Raju’s outputs are just some of them.

Each piece has a beautiful story waiting to be told.