Laxman Bhujel’s Langkawi quill

1 Dec 2016 Ferado

Laxman Bhujel of Nepal has chosen the feather of an eagle to be used as a quill to write the word Langkawi in his sculptural piece. He conceptualized this piece from the word Langkawi: helang meaning eagle and kawi, red stone used as a chalk to mark goods. Combining these two elements, and using minimalist approach to his subject, he says he likes eagles for their sharp eyes and elegant movements.

Laxman’s contribution to making Langkawi an international art destination.

Look at the process Laxman Bhujel of Nepal went through to produce his Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 masterpiece.

Laxman carefully examines instruments he will be using in his sculptural project.

Laxman meticulously shapes the “feather” portion of his creation. This is Langkawi marble he is working on, like the other marble pieces the sculptors used for their art pieces.

Laxman takes another piece to be used as the base for his quill.

It’s slowly taking shape. Sculpting is not an easy job. From conceptualization to actually hewing out the sculptures, it takes brains, muscle strength and might to get the images into amazing figures.


Laxman Bhujel is a faculty member and Vice Principal of Sirjana College of Fine Arts in Kathmandu, Nepal. He conceptualized and served as the art coordinator of first international sculpture symposium 2012, Harnamadi. He is one of the participants in this year’s Unity International Sculpture Symposium held in Nepal.