1 Dec 2016 Ferado

Laxman Bhujel’s Langkawi quill

Laxman Bhujel of Nepal has chosen the feather of an eagle to be used as a quill to write the word Langkawi in his sculptural piece. He conceptualized this piece from the word Langkawi: helang meaning eagle and kawi, red stone used as a chalk to mark goods. Combining these two elements, and using minimalist approach to his subject, he says he likes eagles for their sharp eyes and elegant movements.

Laxman’s contribution to making Langkawi an international art destination.

Look at the process Laxman Bhujel of Nepal went through to produce his Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 masterpiece.

Laxman carefully examines instruments he will be using in his sculptural project.

Laxman meticulously shapes the “feather” portion of his creation. This is Langkawi marble he is working on, like the other marble pieces the sculptors used for their art pieces.

Laxman takes another piece to be used as the base for his quill.

It’s slowly taking shape. Sculpting is not an easy job. From conceptualization to actually hewing out the sculptures, it takes brains, muscle strength and might to get the images into amazing figures.


Laxman Bhujel is a faculty member and Vice Principal of Sirjana College of Fine Arts in Kathmandu, Nepal. He conceptualized and served as the art coordinator of first international sculpture symposium 2012, Harnamadi. He is one of the participants in this year’s Unity International Sculpture Symposium held in Nepal.

1 Dec 2016 Ferado

Art Conference / Art Talk on Day 1

After a bit of waiting around the day started with an Art Conference / Art Talk to everyone’s surprise.

From left: Charly Lesquelin  (Reunion Island), Prof Raja Dato’ Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob (Galeri Shah Alam, Malaysia ), Pn Zainariah  (Yayasan Hasanah, Said Aniff Hossanee (Mauritius ) & Celso Pepito  (Phillipines)
The panel : (from left:) Charly Lesquelin (Reunion Island), Prof Raja Dato’ Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob (Galeri Shah Alam, Malaysia ), Pn Zainariah (Hasanah Foundation, Malaysia ), Said Aniff Hossanee (Mauritius ) & Celso Pepito (Phillipines)

The MC from Yayasan Tunku Kassim apologised for the delay. And so it began with Yayasan Hasanah’s Senior Vice President (Arts, Heritage and Culture), Pn Zainariah Johari giving an overview of Yayasan Hasanah and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. This foundation (yayasan) is the CSR arm of Khazanah Nasional Berhad. Although she is an accountant by profession her passion for the arts is strong and hence she is here in Langkawi to support Langkawi Art Biennale 2016.

Yayasan Hasanah 's website
Yayasan Hasanah ‘s website
Pn Zainariah having an animated discussion with Sherin Ng, artist and LAB 2016 bloggers - Mayeth (Phillipines) and myself (Malaysia)
Pn Zainariah having an animated discussion with Sherin Ng, artist and LAB 2016 bloggers – Mayeth (Phillipines) and myself (Malaysia)

Then, Liew Kian Yap, Langkawi Art Biennale founder and today’s moderator invited each panelist to introduce themselves and their art. The artists from Phillipines, Mauritius and Reunion Island spoke of how they met Liew many years ago and have been following his efforts in promoting Malaysian artists, art tourism exchange between artists from various countries and his vision of making Langkawi, a New Art Destination.


Prof Raja Dato’ Zahabuddin spoke of his involvement in Galeri Shah Alam (GSA) which was the brainchild of the Sultan of Selangor who initiated the gallery 35 yrs ago. Prof Raja also gave his support to Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 by sponsoring 10 Malaysian artists from Galeri Shah Alam.

A united front! - artists from Galeri Shah Alam. Love their GSA T- shirt!
A united front! – artists from Galeri Shah Alam. Love their GSA T- shirt!

After that the panel was asked this question : HOW DO YOU SELL ART IN YOUR COUNTRY?
….Stay tune for that segment in the next blog post 😊

26 Nov 2016 Ferado

Raju Pithakote’s White Drops and his Exploration Journey

Being with the LAB2016 Exploration sculptors and seeing them work on their pieces from start to finish was an exciting adventure.

One of these international artists is Raju Pithakote, a multi-talented artist who paints, sculpts, sings and plays various musical instruments. As a sculptor, he had been exhibiting his works in Nepal and abroad since 1993. He had been awarded the Fine Arts Award in 2012 and was given the 2007 Grand Award in the First National Sculpture Exhibition (ARAMBHA) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

At the hardware shop, Raju Pithakote, sculptor from Nepal carefully chooses the instruments he is going to use.

Working under the heat of the sun and with all the marble dust covering his whole body, Raju keeps on aspiring towards seeing his masterpiece done.

White Drops
It brings so much joy to see one’s work finished at last!

Raju speaks of his sculptural piece, which he entitled WHITE DROPS: “White drops are melting and flowing through the mountains, terrains and finally the depth of the sea. I have brought the white drops from the heart of Nepal, the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest. Let’s keep our mind, society, towns, country and the whole country clean.”


To another piece which he entitled JOURNEY, Raju says: “The world is beautiful. Let’s move ahead with positive thoughts to destination beyond our imagination. We will have a successful journey. Let’s become happy and make everyone happy to make this beautiful world a better place to live in. This is part of my exploration…”

Raju and I beside his Journey sculpture during LAB2016 Inauguration Night

I share the joy of seeing the fruit of these Exploration sculptors’ labors, and Raju’s outputs are just some of them.

Each piece has a beautiful story waiting to be told.

26 Nov 2016 Ferado

LAB 2016 Inauguration: From Migration to Exploration

Photo courtesy of Prof. Dato Ryza Yaacob

Yang Mulia Engku Raja Omar Ikram Bin Raja Abdullah welcomed distinguished guests during the Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 Inauguration night. He delivered his opening speech in behalf of Yayasan Tunku Kassim, a non-profit organization founded by the royal family member Kedah, led by Yang Teramat Mulia Dr Tunku Monsor Ibni Almarhom Tunku Kassim.

Yayasan Tunku Kassim or YTK, according to YM Engku Raja “was established with the noble intention of contributing to the arts community focusing on various segments, among others conservation and restoration of local art pieces, relics and artefacts, providing support to the local artists through art development programme and getting involved in art educational projects at the national level.” He likewise acknowledged LAB2016 as one of the first initiatives taken to realize the vision, mission and objectives of YTK.

Likewise, he acknowledged the organizing committee who have contributed actively and voluntarily in the program, mentioning Mr. Liew Kian Yap, the Founder of Langkawi Art Biennale and Mr. Hairul Azizi Amat Tokimin, Coordinator of LAB 2016.

Here are excerpts from his speech:
“Once again, Langkawi island is hosting this remarkable gathering of international artists and art enthusiasts from all around the world after two years since the LAB inception in 2014. In this regard, I would like to congratulate Yayasan Tunku Kassim, Yayasan Wiba Prima, Artmalaysia, Yayasan Hasanah, LADA, and other agencies for the successful organisation of LAB2016.

Art is adored either for its beauty or to capture a mood or feeling or just an object of enjoyment for its own sake. The great debate on art, what it is and why it’s so great has been going on for centuries but there’s no right or wrong answers since art as most believe is all about ideas. The value of art is again another popular debate among artists, collectors and enthusiasts. Be it the work of a madman like Van Gogh, or the length of time the work took to complete, or the years of study, or the genius mind that translated his idea through art on canvass, the disputes are endless. Despite the differences, art never fails to capture the heart of its makers and admirers who embrace the same dream that art will never cease to exist, hence the reason we are all here tonight.

The Langkawi Art Biennale marked its presence in this beautiful island in 2014 with its “Migration” theme participated by 250 artists from 38 countries. The first event organized by ArtMalaysia had seen overwhelming response from the artists and the audience alike.

The journey continues this year in 2016 and as an extension of the previous theme, in which the program amplifies the tune to “Exploration” theme by exposing participating artists to new discoveries of various areas Langkawi has to offer – from cultures and religion to local lifestyle, nature and even culinary adventure. All these elements combined, leads to a deeper connotation that is to be more environmentally conscious and to raise environmental awareness. I must say we are fortunate to be here to witness the expression of the artists throughout their Langkawi “Exploration” experience in their canvasses, sculptures and installation works.

The presence of significant number of artists, both local and international, as well as art enthusiasts at LAB2016, is clearly an indication that Langkawi Art Biennale has begun to establish itself as an upcoming premier international venue for art exhibition and art tourism in this Land of Eagle. Your presence throughout the week is indeed the lifeblood of this event and we sincerely thank you for that.

Finally, we are grateful that all of you are here tonight so we just hope that the work of arts you will be seeing and contemplating along the hallway and the exhibition room will capture your emotions in such a way that they manifest the consciousness of the artists relative to the “Exploration” theme this year. Let the art pieces speak to you whether they’re sending you pleasant, blissful, gloomy or sad messages through those frames and sculptures.”

26 Nov 2016 Ferado

Highlights: Artists/Performers Langkawi Art Biennale2016 Appreciation Night

This will be one in a series of articles featuring Langkawi Art Biennale2016 Inauguration Night.

Some participating LAB2016 artists performed and showcased their diverse talents during the Inauguration Night held last November 18 at the Langkawi International Convention Center.

Charly Lesquelin of Reunion, France sang the solemn “You Raised Me Up”, while Raju Pithakote rendered an upbeat Nepalese song “Firiri, Baby.”

Another artist who performed was Mazlan Noor from Malaysia who recited a poem. Due to technical errors, the translation was not placed on screen; here is the full translation of the poem, which was translated by Mazlan Noor himself.


if i can see the wind…the typhoon must be enormous
if i am in the rainbow…i will non stop singing

if i can hold the light…then how do I measure it
if i fly in the sky…what is there at the outer space

what is there inside the earth ?…then it must be very mysterious
what are there in the deep ocean ? then what is the north pole ?
and what is there in the south pole ?

if i am not good in calculating it
then I will lost in my journey

what is there at Mount Kinabalu ?..the land below the wind
and what is there at Mount Tahan…the Malaysian backbone of Titiwangsa
the amazing panorama that make me want to paint and paint

what is the forest… if i am in the middle of the jungle
the magnificient habitat of the flora and fauna
if I am in the Amazon…what will i see see in the trees
what can i find inside the leaves

if i am at the peak of Everest…i will be amazed with the Himalayan
the gigantic range the rooftop of the world
fantastic horizon created by the mighty God

if i am travelling in the huge Desert of Sahara
will i survive ? every steps that I move…I never stop phrasing God’s name
many things are unthinkable…many things are questionable

if i am at the peak of Pyramid…I like to see what is inside
the ancient secret of the monument..the mysterious building
with full of questioning and inquiring
to be pondered from period to period
generation to generation

if i am at the Agra…the Taj Mahal is so captivating
the symbol of true love…till now people are talking

when I was at Borobudor…seeing the sculptured stones is so amazing
carving of the rocks…portraying religious ways of a religion

what is the Great Wall of China…the meaning and intention of the king
to protect the people from the enemies..so that the people live in harmony

what is Nabawi’s Mosque ? if i am at Medinah
the tomb of the last prophet…the prophet name is Muhammad
and if I am at Mecca…who am I infront of the KA’ABA ?
the black cube building…to perform praying for one destiny
centralising the muslims to worship the GOD

i do many mistakes…i have so much questions
i have so many sins….show me the wright way
the path to YOUR way

These are just among the many entertaining numbers presented during the LAB2016 Inauguration night.

25 Nov 2016

مراسم افتتاحیه بینال و جشن تقدیراز هنرمندان و میهمانان


در شب افتتاحیه بینال لنکاوی مراسم با شکوهی همراه با موسیقی و رقص محلی مالزی در سالن همایش های بین المللی جزیره لنکاوی برگزار شد. در این مراسم علاوه بر افتتاح بینال توسط خانواده سلطنتی ایالت کداح، برخی از هنرمندان از میهمانان مراسم تقدیر به عمل آوردند. تعدادی از هنرمندان یک اثر از آثار خود را به نشانه تشکر و قدردانی به میمهانان مراسم اهدا کردند. مراسم اهدا اثر هنری به میهمانان خاص به طور معمول در همه افتتاحیه های نمایشگاههای هنری در مالزی اجرا می شود. به این ترتیب علاوه بر تقدیر از هنرمندان  شرکت کننده دربینال، از میهمانان هم که برای افتتاح مراسم شرکت کرده بودند تقدیر به عمل آمد.



مراسم تقدیر از میمهانان
مراسم تقدیر از میمهانان

افتتاح بینال لنکاوی
افتتاح بینال لنکاوی
مراسم تقدیر از میمهانان
مراسم تقدیر از میمهانان
اهدای نقاشی توسط هنرمند مالزیایی
اهدای نقاشی توسط هنرمند مالزیایی
اهدای نقاشی توسط هنرمندی از شهر پیننگ، مالزی
اهدای نقاشی توسط هنرمندی از شهر پیننگ، مالزی
هنرمند مالزیایی نقاشی خود را به رسم یادبود به میمهان مراسم اهدا می کند
هنرمند مالزیایی نقاشی خود را به رسم یادبود به میمهان مراسم اهدا می کند
اهدای نقاشی توسط هنرمند فیلیپینی
اهدای نقاشی توسط هنرمند فیلیپینی
هنرمند فیلیپین
هنرمند فیلیپین

23 Nov 2016 Ferado

Helen Crawford’s 1000 Beautiful Cuts

In response to the “Exploration” theme of the 2016 Langkawi Art Biennale, Helen Crawford from Adelaide, Australia created this interesting assemblage/installation.

Exploring Langkawi Island with these sculptors gave me the opportunity to observe and mingle with them. Aside from the items I saw Helen gathering from the marble factory and the scrap yard, she literally explored Langkawi Island by foot, bike, and van to gather these Items she found; objects which, according to her had spoken to her about the concepts she was exploring. The artist in her saw symbolism to each item, and their relationship within the work.

Helen describes her installation with the same passion she puts into her creation :
“The prow of the boat form rests on a block of resin, it glistens like amber or precious jewels, and with the plastic shipping rope forms a sense of ocean and water through which the boat moves. The scales have been placed to measure the weight and cost of our journey. They hold another representation of “boat” and create a visual sense of direction and forward movement. This actual rib from a local boat is however placed “sideways”, and is followed by an old oil barrel, beautifully rusted and textured. Atop we see sand and 99 shards of cut marble, representing the precious and sacred earth of Langkawi (with its 99 islands). Some marble shards are wrapped with sheep’s wool wafting softly up and away.”



“Australian wool demonstrates my experience of interconnection and concerns for our global future and responsibilities to influence our future,” Helen further adds.

The marble piece Helen got from the forest “marble” place now stands prominently in the assemblage. She describes it in full: “At the rear, the marble form is created from a discarded burial marker, or tombstone. The boat moves away from this “fish” towards a plasticised ocean.”

What is the message she wanted to impart through this work? Helen articulately expounded:
“The work questions the capacity of our cultures, traditions and religions to respond adequately to the current state of global pollution. It questions who will be able to complete mourning if the balance is tipped too far and the weight of our desire for “more” becomes impossible for the natural world to bear.”

Helen Crawford’s 1000 Beautiful Cuts is one of the featured installations/assemblages displayed at the Langkawi International Convention Center as a part of Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 celebration.

22 Nov 2016 Ferado

Participants from India

On Thursday, while waiting for the Kenduri Kendara (Malay celabratory feast) to begin, I was chatting to a few artists who all happened to be from India but with very different approach to their art.

He is not only an artist but also a lecturer, curator and runs art workshops. He also conducts art exchange programmes for children, teens and even celebrities!… to various countries such as United Kingdom, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Rajess Yadav
Rajess Yadav

His are works are exhibited in Italy, New York, New Jersey and also locally in India.

Rajesh and one of his art works for Langkawi Art Biennale 2016
Rajesh and one of his art works for Langkawi Art Biennale 2016

Seen here with his new friends,  artists  from Gallery Shah Alam...as they "sneaked "off to explore  Langkawi on they own
Seen here with his new friends, participating artists from Gallery Shah Alam…as they “sneaked “off to explore Langkawi on they own

He is a sculptor from the state of Bihar, India and works with various media. For Langkawi Art Biennale 2016, he came to Langkawi two weeks before the opening, to EXPLORE and seek suitable materials for his sculpture. Together with the other sculptors, they visited a marble factory and found lot of marble off cuts. Then off to a scrap metal, recycling yard for the rest of the sculpture.

He calls this "Safety First"
He calls this “Safety First”

Why “Safety First”? The marble ‘peak’ in the centre of his sculpture with water faucets attached is his reminder to all that the glaciers are melting, water levels are rising. How can we protect it from worsening?. The authorities (represented by
black hands holding guns all around the sculpture’s black basin) are responsible for protecting Mother Nature.



Anup’s top guns!


Here with some new found friends…fellow sculptors – Dinesh Wilkes, Helen Crawford, Syahril Azwan and Zul Idris

An interesting lady who loves photography and has studied Chinese traditional art at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. Then she applies this influence into her contemporary works. Having a studio in Beijing and New Delhi means her time is divided between the two continents.

MOON WATCHER (Acrylic on canvas)
Moon Watcher (Acrylic on canvas)
Sunanda  (in red) with other lady artists - Marlene (South Africa), Sherin  (Malaysia ) and Sylvana  (France)
Sunanda (in red) with other lady artists – Marlene (South Africa), Sherin (Malaysia ) and Sylvana (France)

He is her fiance and unfortunately could not be in Langkawi because he is busy working on his PhD in Beijing.

This is one of his paintings for Langkawi Art Biennale 2016

The Blue (acrylic on canvas)
The Blue (acrylic on canvas)

(Photos courtesy from various artists)

21 Nov 2016

آشنایی با فرهنگ مالزی، رقص، موسیقی، نمایش

شب مراسم قدردانی از هنرمندان شرکت کننده در بینال لنکاوی نیز همانند همه جشن هایی که در مالزی برگزار می شود با رقص و موسیقی محلی این کشور آغاز شد. رنگ و نور و موسیقی از بخش های جدا نشدنی در هر مراسمی در مالزی هستند که این خود به نحوی یکی از   بهترین راه های معرفی فرهنگ به میهمانان می باشد. در شب قدردانی از هنرمندان ، که در سالن همایش های بین المللی لنکاوی برگزار شد، هنرمندان شرکت کننده و میهمانان جشن به تماشای انواع رقص های محلی که توسط یکی از بهترین گروه های رقص در مالزی اجرا شد نشستند. علاوه بر آن نمایش سنتی بر اساس داستانهایی محلی لنکاوی اجرا شد که دیدنش خالی از لطف نبود. در این میان رقص بسیار زیبای گروه کودکان مدرسه چینی در لنکاوی که برنده چندین مسابقه بین اللمللی شده بودند نیز هنرمندان و میهمانان جشن را به وجد آورده بود.

نورپردازی این نمایش هم نقش بسزایی در جلوه بصری نمایش داشت
نورپردازی این نمایش هم نقش بسزایی در جلوه بصری نمایش داشت
گریم خاص و لباس های مخصوص رقص
گریم خاص و لباس های مخصوص رقص
نمایش رقص براساس داستان عاشقانه محلی
نمایش رقص براساس داستان عاشقانه محلی
اجرای رقص بومی مالزی
اجرای رقص بومی مالزی
نمایش کمدی بر پایه داستان های محلی لنکاوی
نمایش کمدی بر پایه داستان های محلی لنکاوی
نمایش و رقص کودکان مدرسه چینی در لنکاوی
نمایش و رقص کودکان مدرسه چینی در لنکاوی
هماهنگی و نظم بسیار خوبی در اجرای نمایش داشتند
هماهنگی و نظم بسیار خوبی در اجرای نمایش داشتند
لباس ها و گریم هم به نوبه خود جذاب بود
لباس ها و گریم هم به نوبه خود جذاب بود