13 Nov 2016 Ferado

Paintings of the LAB2016 “EXPLORATION” Artists

In my earlier blogs, I introduced our group of “Exploration” artists (Celso Pepito, Fe Madrid Pepito from the Philippines, Charly Lesquelin from France and Freddy Sofian from Indonesia) tasked to do paintings related to their Malaysia exploration. As of today, husband and wife Celso Pepito and Fe Madrid Pepito have finished their first sets of paintings for the Langkawi Art Biennale 2016.

Celso Pepito’s painting shows the Langkawi Art Biennale’s patron YM Raja Ikram Raja Omar showing a thumbs up sign of encouragement to the people transferring the house, in a traditional custom of helping one another, called “Bayanihan” in the Philippines and known as the “Gotong-Royong” in Malaysia.

“When Cooperation is a must” ; 26.5″ X 39″; Acrylic on Canvas.

Celso Pepito speaks of his painting, ” For a great task to be done extraordinarily, being cooperative is not enough. One has to be selfless and not impose his own will but spouse a true spirit of unity and self-giving, thereby attaining the better good for many.”


Jewel of Langkawi; Acrylic on Canvas; 20″ X 34″

Fe Madrid’s painting shows Durian Perangin Falls, one of the falls that the couple visited two years ago, during the last Langkawi Art Biennale 2014. She has entitled this piece as “Jewel of Langkawi” believing that Langkawi has a lot to offer to tourists in terms of places to explore. This particular scenery shows rushing water coming from the falls. Beautiful sceneries such as this can be likened to precious jewels one has to seek, like they did when they walked a long distance just to see this place.

With much excitement, we look forward to more paintings from the “Exploration” artists in the coming days before the opening of Langkawi Art Biennale 2016.

13 Nov 2016 Ferado

Sculptors hard at work

It is very near to the start of Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 and the sculptors are work very hard to finish their sculptures.

Helen Maria Crawford (Australia)
Helen Maria Crawford (Australia)

John Lewis Dick  and his students  (Mauritius )
John Lewis Dick and his students (Mauritius )

Aid (Malaysia )
Aid (Malaysia )
Anup Kumar (India)
Anup Kumar (India)
Zul Idris (Malaysia)
Zul Idris (Malaysia)
Lawrence Dinesh Wilkes (New Zealand )
Lawrence Dinesh Wilkes (New Zealand )
13 Nov 2016 Ferado

Sculptor in Focus: Angelico (Jik) Villanueva, Philippines

This will be the first in a series of blogs for the sculptors who have finished their works for the Langkawi Art Biennale 2016.

Today we take a look at Angelico “Jik” Villanueva and the pieces of sculptures he has produced for this event.

Photo by Celso Pepito

Angelico Villanueva also known as Jik to friends, came from a clan of artists. He attended Fine Arts classes from the University of the Philippines. He started with painting but later veered towards sculpture, as he liked this challenge of working with three dimension materials, softening the look of stiff materials like wood, marble, brass, etc.

He had exhibited his works in various international locations such as New York, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong, Singapore, among many others. He has also participated in international competitions and has garnered some awards.

One of his colleagues said of the way he worked for these LAB sculptural projects; “He worked like a madman. He finished his work ahead of all of us.” Jik finished three sculptural pieces in three days. Here are the pieces he is exhibiting for our Langkawi Art Biennale this year, with my description and the significant, interpretive thoughts he has written for each one:



Fly High! These are two marble sculptures where one observes the dominant lines denoting the figure of wings.
As transformation in our surroundings is inevitable, we are exposed to constant environmental changes. But one must be always resilient to courageously face any situation. One’s capabilities are significant and may stimulate a positive influence. One must always grab every opportunity to discover. So go on and explore, soar to greater heights. Aim to always FLY HIGH!


Emerged This piece of driftwood stands tall, again showing semblance to wings that soar.
For purpose of development, we are in continuous search and exploration. Everyone aims for progress to become prominent. We must then be bold to achieve a better environment for all. So come forth, manifest yourself and help with the best of your abilities.


Voyage The body of the whale is made of Philippine jade, brass flippers positioned on top of a piece of Philippine coral.
Whales tend to migrate and explore, always in continuous voyage to find better feeding and breeding grounds. Like humans, they are in continuous search for food and habitat agreeable to them. Though the largest fish in the entire ocean, they are harmless and unafraid of swimmers. Whales are fondly known as “The Gentle Giants”.


Exploration The human figure is made of brass and the boat is carved from hard wood with Philippine jade used as the base.
This artwork depicts a journey. A continuous travel for enrichment with all challenges to encounter. But with that also comes joy and triumph. Life is a celebration!


These are Jik’s finished sculptures.

We look forward to more surprises coming from other sculptors in the coming days.

12 Nov 2016 Ferado

The show must go on…LAB2016 sculptors at work

The days have been so full of productive activities for the sculptors..We’re beginning to see some things coming out of their hard labors.

Look at this wood piece! This used to be a dirty stump of log lying there, but with the “touch” of these guys from Mauritius, some marvels are coming up!

Mauritius guys show what they saw in Langkawi: a figure resting and enjoying Langkawi sceneries.

These “fish” pieces will be integrated with their masterpiece.

Another surprise coming out…

Maxine using her full force, mind and body working together to bring out the beauty of the piece she’s working on.

Laxman creating his “quill” composition, working on the details of the feather features of his sculptural piece.

Raju continues to enhance his “mountain” piece.

Of course, sculptors need to rest: lunch break.
Those slabs of marbles are great places to rest their tired bodies.

It’s “under the tree” meditation and relaxing for Raju.

(Photos courtesy of Maxine Xie Xian Xin and other sculptors)

11 Nov 2016 Ferado

LAB2016 Sculptors and Driftwoods, Dead wood, scraps, etc

November 10

There’s just so many activities going on around here. The LAB2016 sculptors work together doing their projects. There’s so much energy given to each thoughtfully crafted pieces.

Syahril Azwan Salleh or Adi volunteered to drive for LAB2016 sculptors. I wondered if this driving task for the LAB participants is taking time away from his art projects. He smiled and said, “It’s okay. Am happy being able to serve.”

On the way, as he brought me to our new location, he shared with me some thoughts to ponder.

I asked him about those driftwoods he gathered and he said: “Working on these driftwoods is giving them a second chance to another way of life”.

“They have given us shelter, They have brought us to places. They have given us a lot of things. But somewhere along the line, somethings happen to these woods and they end up drifting. But we, as sculptors help bring them up to another level of usefulness. And once again, through the process and efforts we sculptors do to them, such fallen wood rises up and stands tall again as it once did.”

With Syahril Azwan Salleh, peeping through the driftwoods he gathered.
With Syahril Azwan Salleh, peeping through the driftwoods he gathered.
Helen Crawford washing this fiber material for her art piece
Helen Crawford washing this fiber material for her art piece
Lawrence Dinesh Wilkes focused on his piece
Lawrence Dinesh Wilkes focused on his piece
Ciezan Othman and Abdul Mansoor Ibrahim combine their efforts
Ciezan Othman and Abdul Mansoor Ibrahim combine their efforts
Anup Kumar Gupta in deep concentration
Anup Kumar Gupta in deep concentration
Jean Lewis Dick and his group from Mauritius continue their work on this log.
Jean Lewis Dick and his group from Mauritius continue their work on this log.
I wonder what will come out of this pile of driftwoods
I wonder what will come out of this pile of driftwoods
10 Nov 2016 Ferado

What makes sculptors happy?

Sculptors, Maxine (Malaysia) and Laxman (Nepal)
Sculptors, Maxine (Malaysia) and Laxman (Nepal)

Having started their EXPLORATION of Langkawi as early as 8AM, these sculptors don’t look tired at all after returning from their sculpting work. Even under the rain, the sun and dusty environment, they feel very satisfied for having EXPLORED and discovered the many resources and many possibilities available in Langkawi.

This is the joy of a sculptor – being able to find the right material and having the opportunity to work on it … in an inspiring environment!

10 Nov 2016 Ferado

Visit to …

Yesterday, Liew Kian Yap, founder of Langkawi Art Biennale had a hectic, yet great day. He managed to meet Suresh Amar of St. Regis Langkawi, the luxurious island resort that even has a butler service.

Suresh Amar - St Regis Langkawi
Suresh Amar – St Regis Langkawi

Suresh was kind enough to show him around this exclusive resort , even though it was a short notice call. Liew was very impressed that the resort allowed artists to display paintings in their lobby for sale. And according to Suresh, their guests appreciate artistic works and do buy paintings for their collection. Liew is encouraged that Suresh is interested to support Malaysian artists and looks forward to working with him and his team. Liew was also introduced to Saravena Govenden and together they will create awareness among the guests and shuttle interested St Regis’s guests to the Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 at Langkawi International Convention Centre (LICC).

After that, Liew managed to rush over to meet Irene Nur Ain Jong, Sales Manager of Langkawi International Convention Centre (LICC) who time out from her busy schedule to receive him. She was also very supportive of our event and was very kind to agree to forward the invitation and information about Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 to all her clients.

Irene Nur Ain Jong, Sales Manager of Langkawi International Convention Centre
Irene Nur Ain Jong, Sales Manager of Langkawi International Convention Centre