Do you still remember our first ‘Migration‘ in which 250 artists from 38 countries had congregated in the beautiful island of Langkawi?


The much-anticipated journey continues in Langkawi Art Biennale 2016. The all-encompassing theme in this coming event is called the ‘Exploration’. Moving forward with the ‘Migration‘ theme from the 1st biennale, participating artists will settle down and experience Langkawi in-depth. Artists would be exposed to new discoveries of multifaceted cultures and religions, an endless array of local food, varying lifestyle of the inhabitants, and even the tranquil nature of the countryside and natural beaches.


This theme intends to elevate the awareness to be environmentally conscious, and standing up for our one and only Mother Earth. But before that, ask yourself. Are you seriously aware of the constant changes of your surrounding environment? Due to the escalating economic activities like excessive tree-cutting, these have led to numerous negative impact to the environment. Global warming and major disasters like earthquakes and massive flood are actually caused by humans’ reckless actions. The ‘Exploration’ theme in LAB 2016 will be expressed in canvases and sculptures, igniting the drastic need to safeguard our world, although torn between the choices of economic demands and the love for our environment.


Do you think that our event is only focusing on the sun, sea and sand enjoyment? You’ll be astounded as LAB 2016 will be one of the highly awaited international art events that promise even more artsy excitement for art lovers with masterpieces from local and international artists. The objective of this event is marking the presence in the calendar biannually for art enthusiasts and tourists from around the world to attend this event in Langkawi for an engaging experience of art.


By paving the way to continuously making Langkawi a new and sought-after international art destination, it is in hope to eventually form an international artist residence in the near future.


LAB 2016 is in the midst of process to collaborate with an island in Japan, with the intent to create works of art, full of surrealist sculptures and paintings. Guess which unique island that has gained international fame for its futuristic art and architecture?


In addition, there would be support from international artists in establishing an art exchange, such as China, Germany, Iran, India and Korea. Some highlights of the event would be the unique collaboration between Chinese brush painters from China and Malaysia. Also, a dedicated section will be showcased during LAB 2016 on the contemporary artworks of royalty and history of the Kedah state. Another eye-catching exhibition is the craftwork installation of an endangered local population. In fact, Peninsular Malaysia is the last stronghold of this dwindling species.


With the efforts of the organiser, LAB 2016 Art Tour Shuttle will begin cruising from the first to the final day of the art biennale. Tourists from participating hotels would be pampered with ease and convenience when they can hop into the shuttle to the venue for a fulfilling visit.



The inaugural Langkawi Art Biennale 2014 enters its phase of ‘Migration’, in which artists are introduced to the beauty of the island. The upcoming theme in Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 – ‘Exploration’ is ignited with the rise of the eagle that soars to explore not just the island itself, but venturing into greater heights that are symbolic to the ever-changing world around us today.


As the bold eagle explores beyond boundaries, inevitable changes in the environment are witnessed and observed. With the climate has already started to change, the environment also evolves into unpredictability such as the massive earthquake in Nepal and Kota Kinabalu.


When we continuously discover and explore the environment, one would realised that changes are imminent, from culture, paddy fields even to food productions which are predominantly affecting the economy and nature.