18th March 2020

Eddie Botha, Dannie and Jennifer

Dannie kisses a marble sculpture made by Low Chee Peng

Our time here in Langkawi have been special. The hospitality Kian offered us were astounding amidst such turmoil times. We decided to come visit Langkawi in spite of the postponement of Langkawi Art Biennale 2020 and we are glad we came.

Langkawi is such an ideal location for this international art event. The blend of rural settings with the hospitality and friendly nature of Malaysians makes it ideal.

Unfortunately Australia might close its borders soon so we have no choice but to head back home prematurely. We hope to be back and support Kian in his ambitious but achievable endeavors. His spirit and tenacity is contagious and beautiful to see.

Thanks to Kian, Nandasiri and Obama

Visited Suhaimi Fadzir art studio

Jennifer with Dannie at Pantai Cenang, Langkawi


Dannie (youngest visitor) to Langkawi Art Village