4 March 2020


It is with deep regret that we have to re-schedule the Langkawi Art Biennale 2020. We started working on this event since 2017 and there has been many changes for various unavoidable reasons. But the safety of our participants and visitors are more important. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, many of our participants from various countries have been advised not to travel or are unable to travel due to travel bans.

So, after careful consideration, we have decided that it is best to postpone it to 2 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER 2020. Participants are invited to attend the first period, ie 2 OCTOBER – 8 OCTOBER 2020. (An itinerary will be sent out by email to all participants). Then the exhibition will continue on to 2 November 2020, to give more time for more visitors to enjoy the hundreds of paintings in so many media, the many sculptures of different materials and the thought-provoking installations.

However, a few sculptors have already arrived in Langkawi for the Pre-LAB 2020 Sculptors workshop session, where they will search Langkawi for suitable ‘raw’ materials to be turned into works of art. This would be one of a series of Pre-LAB 2020 sessions to keep the ‘fire’ burning and create interest and awareness leading up to the main event – LANGKAWI ART BIENNALE 2020.

To all participants – we thank you very much for your patience and support. Such are the challenges of organizing an event, in our uphill task towards making Langkawi, an international contemporary art destination!

We hope everyone will stay safe.

We shall meet in October and renew our friendship and make new friends in art.

Sincerely yours,

Liew Kian Yap
Langkawi Art Biennale

Langkawi Art Village

Maxine (Malaysia) and Lal Kaji Lama (Nepal) has arrived Langkawi Art Village