Visual artist from Reunion Island, a French department located in the Indian Ocean.

Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts du Port and the School of Decorative Arts in Limoges.

Issue of a mixed race, she seeks to harmonize differences through her works.

Inspired by the genealogy of each, for a better living together. She sails between epochs and civilizations. She represents in her creations ‘the absence of the present’ which are underlined by existing multi ethnic symbols or from her imagination as well as figurative or abstract forms.

Natural colors often used in dusty way testify a lived, the time, the earth, the universe. Each motif is an echo of a civilization. His artistic expression stems from the practice of a ritual that connects the artist to the invisible world, physical, heaven and earth.

In her artistic productions, dusty and colorful particles gather on his various supports. This is the creation of the world. Born of ‘dust, you will return dust’ ….Her painting evokes those things that exist in every being; energy, rhythm, movement, emotions. Pictorial elements, sometimes abstract, figurative suggested, such as symbols appear and disappear in a mystical and emotional universe. Testimony of an experience, an emotion, a story, an absence.