Painter Franco Italian I live and created my work in Italy and the island of Reunion, it is an art ‘Outsider Singular’. I have been painting since the age of sixteen, I did not have any academic training. For me to paint is a path of Soul, a spiritual, visceral determination that gives full meaning to my being. This inner necessity that defines me.

Artist Statement

This is an outsider-singular art
My artistic approach concerns the states of Consciousness and Heart greatly intertwined, without any analysis nor control over it, and above all break them up while processing my work, from the making of the frame to the brush last rubbing on the canvas.

Even if my canvas got final titles, I can’t help naming each one of the fragments. They are linked together by the ribbons of life: my pink and turquoise lines.

I let my thoughts dissected themselves. I give freedom to my dreams, intuitions, perceptions and visions (I don’t censor myself). My inspiration is the reflection of my psyche. My art is a painting of the Soul, a quantum poem that occurs by analogy. My paintings come from outside the space-time. It is not academic, I am not seeking for aesthetically pleasing: I am seeking for the Intensity. I remain outside the standard norm. I am thrilling within my inner Worlds.

My canvases are narrative, emotional, intuitive.

When I paint I speak to the lost beings, as well as the loved ones and myself. I represent realities as I feel it through my intuitions, and as I live it by experiencing my mind as multidimensional. During some of my astral journeys, I sometimes let images infiltrating directly or indirectly my consciousness. I essentially express my dreams in a symbolic form,
hence the use of archetypes in my work.

I am trying to link deeply my paintings to the psychic world and the physical world. My thought process linked to the synchronous events takes on its full meaning when I experience them and when I discover a signification.


(Asia, Indian Ocean, Europe)

Reunion Island / Association Hang Art 410 and Editions Kf actory ‘Première de Couv’ October to December, closing of the Villa-Deslile hotel (works reproduced on large format dibon, poems and texts, in the context of the Athena book fair )


Reunion Island / Hang Art Gallery 410 ‘Writing and Thinking the World’ October – November, as part of the Athena Book Fair
Reunion island / Exhibition curator / Galerie Moulin à Mais / paintings and installation clay “The Great Exhibition 3” with the exhibiting residents of the Albert Barbot Foyer of the Father Favron Foundation


Reunion Island / Hang Art Gallery 410 ‘Rrose Sélavy’ / March


Thailand / Songkhla, Workshop ‘Art Charity Mental Health’ at Songkhla Rajanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital Thailand / February


Reunion island / ‘Les in Tras’ in Cilaos Residence 5 days / October organized by the Reunion Federation of Tourism
Reunion Island / Curator / Gallery Moulin à Mais “The Great Exhibition 2” with the exhibiting residents of the Albert Barbot Foyer of the Father Favron Foundation Reunion Island Former City Hall of Saint Denis, organized by Soroptimist International, “Free Expression”

Thailand in Trang and Koh Ngai (April) Workshop (residency) 2nd Arts and Cultural Fair at the
Arts for Life Center


Reunion Island / (curator) Galerie Moulin a Mais

“The Great Exhibition” with 54 exhibiting residents of the Albert Barbot Foyer of the Father Favron Foundation Reunion Island / Villa of the Region organized by Soroptimist International for Women’s Days ‘Talents de Femmes’


Reunion Island / Hang Art Gallery ” Kréolité Diversité ”

Thailand / Hatyai City Art Chamber in Honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol ” Asian Reunion Hatyai Art Exhibition ”

Reunion Island / First Avenue “Boranbor”

Reunion Island / Hang Art Gallery “Traits from here Traits from elsewhere”


France / Château de Joviac, Rochemaure Ardèche Outsider Art Exhibition Brut Outsider / Brut Demin Art Company

Reunion Island/ Hang Art Gallery ” la Femme ”


Reunion Island / Nordev Saint Denis, LDF Run Art
Reunion Island / River first, ” Boranbor ”
Reunion Island / The Récréateurs cultural café, ” La Pensée equivoque ”


Reunion Island / Art Week, Cilaos
Reunion Island / Hotel lux, ” ephemeral exhibition ”, Opus art


Reunion Island / Showroom Rita Beaudemoulin, Le Tampon
Réunion Island / The gardens of the Maloya museum

Reunion Island / lighthouse of saint suzanne


Indian Ocean


Reunion Island / University Tampon Gallery ” Série Selfportraits ”
Reunion Island / Corn Mill Gallery ” Equivocal Thought or the Expression of the Invisible ”


Reunion Island / CPOI ” unesco international day for literacy ”


Reunion island / Salon Taboo tattoo, ” it is forbidden to forbid ” censored series
Reunion Island / Hotel lux, ” ephemeral exhibition ”; Opus art