Born in Sulaymaniyah, Iran
Year 1965

Biography :
1985 Graduated from Institure of Fine Arts – Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
2009 Graduated from Sulaimaniyah University, Iraq

Mohd Fatah has 199 personal exhibitions in Iraq and other countries such as Frace, Italy and America. He has more than 300 group work and joint presentations. He participated in many local and international symposia including Symposium in Malaysia Monastir Symposium in Tunisia locally, such as the Basra – Mosul – Erbil – Dhi Qar symposium. He head several technical positions including Director of school artistic activity and Sulaymaniyah Director General of Children Culture Department. Head of Arts Department of the Kurdish Fine Arts Sociey. Designed lot of book covers and work motifs and decoration and esters. He served as an administrative member of the Zamoa Gallery. He worked as a cartoonist in Sekhurma magazine. Has many technical articles. Work as a painter for children magazines.