The idea of HUNG NGUYEN DUC Artist I drew on lotus flowers in these three artworks, which are a sacred flower that bodes well from heaven and earth. These simple flowers have given the message that under any circumstance, flowers as well as people of good quality, still shining the noble truth of life without being cloudy. Although three paintings depict the natural landscape of plants, flowers, and the sea in order to express the magical meaning of precious flowers, it resembles a person sitting in meditation, towards a beautiful philosophy. It means that each one of us should be enlightened and let go of the obstacles in our mind in order to attain full bliss.


2019: “Art workshop – Culture Exchange”, Meo vac – Ha Giang, Viet Nam.
“International Art – Culture Exchange 2019”, Ha Noi – Viet Nam.
“Connecting, Architectural University-Asia Art link artist”,Viet Nma
“Thailand-Viet Nam-Indonesia Art Exhibition” at Thailand.
“Berlin 2019 – Tháng 5”, Kunstgalerie LEE Hauptst.71, 12159 Berlin.
“Celebrating the 2019 united nations day of vesak”Tam chuc Temples.
2018 “Viet nam – Thailand Contemporary art” at Ha Noi -Viet Nam.
“Red Art” Rocky Shore Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
“Asia Art Festival Korea-Viet Nam”, Hanoi, Viet Nam.
2017: “Indonesia-Viet Nam 2nd Fine Art Exhibition”, Indonesia.
“Art of contemporary Artists from Viet Nam”, Kolkata, Indian.
“Contemporary Artists from Viet Nam”, New Delhi, India.
2016: “2nd ASEAN-Vietnam Graphic”, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.
“Contemporary Dialogue, Việt Nam-Indonesia”,Hà Nội.
“Le huy Tiep and his studio”, Massachusetts, America (USA).
“Contemprary artists from Viet Nam”, Gallery, New Delhi-India.
“Viet Nam new perpectives”, kolkata-India.
“Art Việt Nam”, Kolkata Book Fair, Kolkat-India.
2010: “China-ASEAN Youth Artwork Creativity Contest”, China


2017: “Second Prize” Young professional artists Viet Nam.
2014: “Award” the Viet Nam fine art accosiation .
2008: “National incentive award” propaganda poster.
2008, 2006, 2004:“Student Award” of Vietnam University of Fine Arts.