Ru Shaojun, Mongolian, is a member of China Artists Association, a national first-class artist, a painter of Chinese National Fine Arts Institution, Vice Chairman of Baotou Artists Association and Curator of Sanjia Village Paintings Galleries in Beijing.
In the early 21st century, he created nearly 100 figure paintings of fine brushwork during just a few years. Among them, quite a few works had participated in various art exhibitions organized by the Chinese Art Association, and most of them had won prizes. His works not only possessed the height of the spirit of the times, but also paid additional attention to the profound inheritance presented, and added a lot of life insights, with grand scenes and magnificent momentum. His paintings also influenced many contemporary artists.

Ru Shaojun is deeply influenced by the wind and sand on the Mongolian Plateau for many years, his unique deposit of grassland national culture has enabled his works to demonstrate thoughts & ideas and aesthetic consciousness different from contemporary painters. The wild and mysterious land, the primitive and highly civilized state of life, the unique vicissitudes and desolate states left from Genghis Khan’s campaign, all these elements have laid a solid foundation for the artistic aesthetic and ideological height of the painter’s works.