Name: Shintata (Female)
Occupation: Independent artist
Hometown: Xilingol, Inner Mongolia, China
Ethnicity : Mongolian

Educational background:
Art Collage of Inner Mongolia University, the Research of Art in Northern Minority, Master’s Degree, 2013-2016
The 7th senior seminar for young artists of Western Ethnic Minorities,2018

Major activities and artistic activities
Silk Road Inner Mongolia ( Xanadu ) China Russia Oil Painting Exhibition 2019
Concave-refraction horizon 2019 Hohhot
Relocation · contemporary art exhibition 2019 Hohhot
The Theme Exhibition of Mongolian and Tibetan Culture 2018 Lhasa
“Nomad project” campaign 2018 Beijing
On Paper · Top 2018 Ordos
Most Paintings – the Third Chinese youth Oil Painting Exhibition 2018
Mongolian culture theme exhibition 2017 Hohhot
Under the Sky contemporary art scanning 2017 Hohhot
Transcending Territories – Mongolia• Tibet Culture Theme Exhibition 2017