The idea of HUONG TAO Artist

The idea of my paintings I’ve always been fascinated by the breath-taking yet unpolluted beaches, with fisherman living their peaceful lives.
As a person who is willing to do what it takes to preserve the beaches from the
excessive harm of human being.

I strongly hope that we all can be more aware of our surroundings and save mother earth.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Industrial Fine Art and a Master’s degree from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts – Artist, member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Club. – Master, Fine Arts college teacher, Head of Fine Arts Department at Hoa Binh University – Hanoi


* Exhibition with the “Hanoi Fall” group in 2013 at Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
* Exhibition with the “Shades of Colors 4” group in 2013 at HCM City Exhibition & Convention Center
* Exhibition with the “Spring 2014” group at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
* Exhibition with the “The Fold Line” group (Shades of Colors 5) at Hue Festival 2014
* Exhibition “Region 1” in 2015
* Exhibition “The Reunion” in 2015 at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
* Exhibition with the “Shades of Colors 6” group in 2015 at Hanoi Exhibition & Convention Center * Exhibition with the Vietnamese artists at the Kolkata Book Fair in 2016
* Exhibition with the Vietnamese artists at the Cultural Exchange Center, Indian Diplomacy Department in New Dehli in 2016
* Exhibition with international artists named “The Reunion” at Hue Festival in 2016 at HCM City Museum in Hue
* International Exhibition “The Reunion” at Hue Festival 2016 (4-2016)
* International Art Camp Solo 2016, Indonesia (7-2016)
* International Exhibition “Contemporary Dialogue” at Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel (10-2016) * VAS Workhop 2016, HCM City (10-2016)
* International Art Exhibition in New Delhi – India at the 45th Anniversary of Vietnam – India Diplomatic Ties (1-2017)
* International Art Exhibition in ICCR Kolkata – India (1-2017)
* Art Composition Camp by Vietnam Fine Arts Association in Da Lat (4-2017) *Exhibition of Indonesian artists at The Breeze Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
* Exhibition group color 9 in 2017 at the Museum of Fine Arts Vietnam * Exhibition by the Faculty of Arts Teaching (Vietnam Fine Arts Association) (1-2018) *
“Red” International Exhibition in Rocky Shore Tokyo, Japan (Rocky 105 Estate Mita, 2-7-7, Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0062) (10-2018)
*Exhibition “Berlin 2019 – May” in Kunstgalerie LEE HauptstraBe 71, 12159 Berlin Friedenau, Germany