Wei Xin, born in the ancient city of Jingzhou (the city has a history of more than
2200 years), Hubei Province, member with china Artists Association, and member with Chinese Folklore Photographers Association. His father is a famous artist oflacquer and oil paintings. So since young, he liked to draw paintings.
In 1997, he graduated from oil painting master’s class of South China Normal
University and was taught to study oil painting in Mr. Shang Yang’s studio. 2011
visiting scholar studying material performance art of Oil Painting Department of
Central Academy of Fine Arts 2010, study in the graduate program of contemporary oil paintings with the

Institute of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University;
2011–Study of Oil Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts
material performance art graduate student has;
the works of the abstract dream series of eight paintings listed in “40 years of
Asian art.” United States New York City College Museum of art;
2014–September will be held in a large solo exhibition at City University of New
York Museum of Art”WeiXin-Unnoticed silence”;
October at the City University of New York organized the “Asian Art forty years”
to participate in group exhibitions;

Many of Wei Xin’s works are exhibited and collected by the Yunfeng Gallery and
foreign arts institutions. He has participated into the national arts exhibitions or
Guangdong Provincial exhibitions of block printings for many times. His works
present a style of free, fresh and ebullient expressionism. Wei Xin has settled down in Shenzhen, and he often works in Yunnan Dali Base
of Original Oil Paintings. He also works as the vice president of China Int’l Books
Publishing House, and the chief supervisor for Zhuhai Shengyi Cultural Transmission Co., Ltd. He is the designer of the logo of China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition.