Resume of Xiao Yufang
YUFANG-XIAO Born in Wuhan, China, he has worked as a teacher and is now an
independent artist. He was the executive curator of the Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing.
Now living in Beijing, Wuhan.

Individual Works Exhibition:

Painting Notes: Xiao Yufang’s Individual Works Exhibition 2015 Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum
Beyond Rules: Xiao Yufang Paper Works Exhibition, Beijing 798, 2014
Kuifeng-Xiao Yufang Ink Works Exhibition 2013 Beijing Qiaozi Art Commune
Fractal and Line: Xiao Yufang’s Individual Works Exhibition, Beijing Shangyuan Museum of Art, 2012

Some exhibitions in 2019
Exhibition of hard core candy art works in Chinese contemporary art Qinhuangdao
Jingxing — the sixth art exhibition in Chongqing
M70 art plan listening to water park
2019 Sino-Malaysian Art Exchange Exhibition Kuala Lumpur
Summer Exhibition of 2019 Grand Artists in Shanghai
“Beyond Experience” – Exhibition for small scales painting Wanzhou, 2019
Huaqiao Exhibition for Contemporary Art Guilin, 2019