Visual artist: drawing, installation, visualization, since 1997 continuous project about the virtual institute [em] [aı] [ti:] (morphologisches institut takoradi), the „morphologie der scherben vom strand“.

Numerous solo-exhibitions and participations in Germany, China, Danmark, England, France, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Romania, Serbia, South – Korea

2007/2008 participation in the European Union funding of arts project C.O.A.L., 3 Residences and international exhibitions with 18 artists from Poland, France and Germany.

Artistic director of international arts project “dormART” in Dortmund 2006.

membership: artist group “dortmunder gruppe”. chairman of the foundation “anne-fischer-stiftung” in dortmund until 2004. Gallery plan.d. since 2010. founder member and chairman of “depot” in Dortmund. german artists union (bbk) region “Ruhrgebiet” – board member of bbk untill 2011.

Catch a falling star – Detailing

Title : Catch a falling star“

a) Installation/drawing
medium: coal, paper, tape, cardbord, wood

Year: 2018

size: flexible, about 3,50m x 2,10m plus space in room about 2m

A brief concept for each piece of artwork being submitted

“Catch a falling star” is an installation which contents are drawings of tumbling human bodies
in protective suits – like space suits or deep sea divers gear. These figures wear boxing gloves
on their hands, so they are not capable of using their fingers to work or interact with nature –
or to help in case of any kind of catastrophe (they are well-prepared – protected – but
useless) – isolated from the environment. They are also not able to do boxing, they are
missing a fixed point, tumbling in an empty room. Around the drawings, on the drawings,
behind the drawings are tape stripes forming crosses. Those have the two associations to old
time plaster and to markings to be used for aiming weapons. One of the tumbling persons,
very small and tiny is on a pedestal in front of the drawings as part of a ready-made object,
stressing the weakness of those persons.”