Educational Background

1995 – Higher Secondary/SPM – 1st Grade
1999 – Advanced Diploma, Fashion & Textile Designing
2006 – Advance Professional Certificate, Professional Make-Up & Hairstyling

About The Artist

I am a Diploma holder in Fashion and Textile Designing, graduated from Malaysian Institute of Art(MIA) in 1999, and a self trained artist with more than 22 years of experience in various related field. Art and craft have been a huge part of my life and what I love to do since childhood. I grow up with it. I made crafts out of anything recyclable and shapable or deformable. I paint and draw on any surface. Be it on walls, glass, wood, fabrics or even on body and face, other than paper and canvas. I love to upcycle and recycle unused items ranged from trash and also from the nature and make them into sculptures such as lights or a piece of functional art piece. Besides doing painting, I have recently started to write stories as I have started building up some of the characters that I have painted in 2015. Hopefully I could find time to speed up the writing and illustrations soon.

Being in the Fashion and Textile industry since 1996, I have always been attracted and inspired by texture, nature and culture, and I am always interested in observing human nature. As I grow up, experience have eventually mold me into an introvert most of the time, and my deep thoughts and slightly poetic self is how I silently express best through my work. At the same time, being an observant person, I’m always attracted to textures and details, and tend to put in a lot of thoughts and details in my work. I always love to create and practice versatility in a lot of things I do, be daring enough just to step out of my comfort zone to experience and challenge myself to try and learn new things or even try to create new method, experiment new way of doing things, so I could find something I can work and express myself best and comfortable with, and at the same time bring joy to people through my expressions in my work, inspire them to think and explore. I strongly believe in myself, believe in my dreams, big or small, they can be brought to reality with creativity, enthusiasm and faith in anything I could work on.

Awards and Exhibitions

1. Sense and Style Beauty Academy Make-Up Competition 2006 – 4th Runner-Up
2. Forest Of Dreams – 9th May, 2010, Castor & Pollux Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia.
3. MASiF – 15th – 19th September, 2010 – Music, Art, Style International Festival, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 15mins Live Painting on Stage.
4. Malaysia Book Of Records@MMU – July 2010 – Longest painting(collaboration)
5. Piala Sri Endon – National Competition Batik Fashion Category 5th December, 2010 – Top 8th Finalists.
6. Lions Club Charity Art Carnival – 13th March, 2011. 20 mins Live Painting on Stage.
7. MCAT(1 Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism) 14thJuly, 2011 – Art Exhibition.
8. Collision Arts Asia Festival – 21st~23rd October, 2011 – Art Exhibition
9. Textile Carnival@National Textile Museum, KL – November ~ December, 2011 – Conducting Classes & Art Exhibition.
10. ETIQA art and craft sharing and workshop, KL – Nov. 2012
11. Splashing Colors with Standard Chartered Bank – Jan. 2013 – Outdoor painting and exhibition.
12. EleFUN Holiday: A Pigmy Elephant Project with Sunway Pyramid – Mac, 2013 – Fund Raising Painting & Exhibition.
13. 1001 Malaysian Artists – Sep. 2013
14. Contemporary Art 6 – Dec/Jan, 2013
15. Kakiseni International Arts Festival, Pavilion – Sept, 2014 – Art for Charity
16. SHINE Art Exhibition, SEED, KL – Dec.2014
17. Double Tree Art For Charity Exhibition, KL – April, 2015
18. KitaKita, Cebu, Phillipine – May, 2015
19. Window Of The Soul, Art Patio, Bali, Indonesia – August, 2015
20. SHINE II Art Exhibition, SEED, KL – Dec, 2015
21. My Funny Valentine, Art Exhibition, SEED, KL – March, 2016
22. Imago Mundi#3 Nations Singapore – October 2017
23. MindScape – December, 2017
24. Imago Mundi 3#60 Kuala Lumpur – January, 2018
25. ArtDecor – March 2018
26. ArtColab, Malaysia, Singapore, Philipine, Kuala Lumpur – March, 2018
27. Ray Of Light, Kuala Lumpur – November 2018
28. Spring Is Coming – January 2019


1. Datuk Ng Yen Yen, Malaysia – Sunshine Blues, year 2010. 18” x 24”
2. Pauline Lo, New York – Untitled Collage, year 2011
3. Felicia Loh – Wishes 1, year 2009
4. Satoshi Payne, Melbourne, Australia – Wishes 2, year 2010
5. Frances, Wodonga, Australia – The Parrot, Rock Cottage, Toadstools – 2013
6. Damien Ong – The Ocean Flows – 2013
7. Ariel – The Silver Angelfish, Chrysenthymum – 2014
8. James Yuen – The Golden Autumn, 2014
9. Ee Lin – Bottle Of Joy, 2014
10. Anonymous – The Peony, 2014
11. James Yuen – Pearl Of The Orient, 2014
12. The Red Carpet Series 1,2 & 3 – Stephanie Lai
13. Am I.. (Human Nature Series II) – Stephanie Lai
14. The Visitor(My Secret Garden Series 2)
15. Nyonya In Red – Stephanie Lai
16. Pride Of Kinabalu – Datuk Jimmy
17. Goldan Peak of Larch – Michelle Heng