Maxine Xie Xian Xin is one of those rarest of creatures; a Malaysian female sculptor who is also an accomplished draughts person and a contemporary painter with an acute flare for color. She is as at home crafting sensuous clay busts as she is carving female figures from raw wood. Peacock colored ceramics, and delicately greened bronze works, equally interest Maxine’s creativity, using whatever materials suits the needs and complexities of the finished work. Her current works includes using concrete, marble, stone, found- objects besides clay.

Though Malaysian born, Maxine is an internationalist whose work spans both Asia and Europe. As well as exhibiting copiously in The Netherlands, Maxine has exhibited around Malaysia (including the nascent Langkawi Art Biennale), Indonesia, The Philippines and Nepal. Maxine was trained in a prestigious Malaysian school of art (KLCA – Kuala Lumpur College of
Art) and also in The Netherlands on ceramic courses, figure drawing and sculpting courses. Being of two continents, Maxine is able to bring the delicateness of her Asian heritage and the long history of European painters and sculptors to bear on her own truly original artworks. With this knowledge and ability, Maxine produces work which bears all the hallmarks of modernity
and contemporaneousness while, simultaneously, being rooted within its own and Europe’s Art history.

Background : Self-taught artist

Background : Self-taught artist / art graduate from
1978-1980 – Diploma in Art & Design, Kuala Lumpur College of Art
1999 -2005- Ceramic courses, Figure drawing and Sculpture courses, Zeeland, The Netherlands
2006 – Sculpting and mold making and casting training under established Dutch sculptor
2011 – Life Member of National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia

Exhibitions :
-2020 February – Gumum+ism 2020,Int.Art camp, Tasik Chini,Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia
-2019 December – IMAC 2019- International Marble Art Camp Langkawi Island , Malaysia
-2019 November – Daejeon Association of Sculpture exhibition, Daejeon, Korea
-2019 October – ISF2019 (International Sculpture Festa Seoul, Korea)
-2019 March – ArteDecor 2019 KL, Sculpture and paintings exhibition
-2018 November – KLCA Alumni Group Exhibition, Whitebox , Kuala Lumpur
-2018 May – An Insight International Sculpture Exhibition 2018,Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Nepal
– 2017 November – Sculptor /Painter Exhibition ,The Refinery Art Gallery, D6, Kuala Lumpur
-2016 November – Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 (Sculpture Symposium) Langkawi Island, Malaysia
-2016 January – Taltalaiya, Itahari, Nepal “ Unity International Sculpture Symposium 2016”
– 2015 Dec– SHIINE (ll) Group Exhibition, (Sculptor) SEED d6, KL
– 2015 November – Ripple of Colors, KLCA Alumni ,KL
– 2015 May – Cebu, Philippines Art Exchange Project “KITA” in Philippines , Malaysia and Indonesia
– 2015 January – Bali Art Exchange Project “Sama-Sama” with Indonesia, Malaysia & The Philippines
– 2014 December – SHINE Group Exhibition, (Sculptor) SEED d6, KL
– 2014 November – lllXXX@d7- (Sculptures & Paintings) KL
– 2014 October – Langkawi Art Biennale 2014 (Sculptor Category) Langkawi Island, Malaysia
– 2014 August – AATF ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair 2014, VIVA HOME, KL (Sculptor Category)
– 2014 January-February – Art of MXXX ceramics at The Refinery, SEED d7, Sentul East, KL
– 2013 December-2013 February – Contemporary Art VI Group Exhibition at Seed d6, Sentul East, KL
– 2013 October – “5+1 The Art of Life – Abstracts & Sculptures at SEED d7, Sentul East, KL
– 2013 September – “1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors” (Sculptures)Exhibition at VIVA HOME KL
– 2012 November – “Members Only” group exhibition (Sculptures) National Visual Arts Gallery, KL
-2005 – Group exhibition at ROC Goes & ROC Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands
-2004 – Solo exhibition at Het Goese Lyceum, Zeeland, The Netherlands
-2000 – “ Young Artist” self-portrait by Trechter Vijf ,Goes, The Netherlands

Title : Nest Eggs
Year :2017
Medium: Marble
Size: H15xW18xD14cm

NEST EGGS- Whatever savings it takes for a rainy day are made from
Hard earned money – WHITE EGG.
Gift money or winnings -GREY EGG
Illegal earnings- BLACK EGG

Title : Handle With Care Series- PROTECTED ZONE
Year : 2018
Size : H60xW30xD25cm
Medium : Found Objects

Title : Marbella The Mermaid

Medium : Marble

Year : 2019

These series of sculptures carry a message of respecting every individual regardless of sex, age, colour or creed, be it in private or in public so that one does not end up in a body bag as in cases of those less fortunate.