Micka started sculpture ten years ago, working on it full-time since 2009. At first the artist was inspired by the South American statuary before finding his own style. With his self-portraits, his finely sculptured oval shapes and his hatching female bodies, the artist has succeeded renovating the sculpture genre using basalt in Reunion. Michael Boyer often uses natural rocks found in the Island’s ravines, their fragility and cracks allowing his work continually evolve, tinged with excitement.

2009 Carrefour d’art contemporain. (Reunion)
2011 Carrefour d’art contemporain (Reunion)
2011 societe national des beaux art Carousel du Louvre (Paris, France)
2012 Asia & Africa Art, Xi Tang, Hangzhou, China
2013 Asia & Africa Art, Hangzhou, China
2014 Libertes Metisse, Cilaos, Reunion Island
2016 11th International Art Festival Workshop, Poh Chang Academy, Thailand
2016 Asia-Reunion art exhibition – Hatyai, Thailand
2016 International art camp – Solo, Indonesia
2016 International Art Festival – Langkawi, Malaysia
2016 – 17th Asian Art Biennale – Daka, Bangladesh
2017 – Face to Face , Rajasthan, India
2017 – Jogja Street Sculpture Project, Indonesia
2017 – 24th Art Festival International Peace & Love, Seoul, South Korea