Rona Lee Sui Woon

Rona has always been interested in plants, and often choose the subtle changes in forms and colours in their growth as the main themes in her art works. In recent years, she began experimenting with mixed media prints, including woodblock, planography, intaglio, collagraph and monoprint. She is also adventurous in experimenting in various accidental effects when oil meets water that the results often surprise her. Even with the Bachelor in Art Education in l992, she furthered her studies of printmaking in Mr. Chung Tai Fu’s workshop. Between 1997 and 2006, she held many solo exhibitions on printmaking and painting. Her entries were selected for the 14th, 16th and 17th National Prints Exhibition held in China as well as Qingdao International Printmaking Biennale in 2000. She was also awarded a 'Gold Award' in printmaking - international art exhibition in Kwei Lin, Quou Sze three years after that.