Benedetta Segala

Benedetta was born in Italy in 1978 at Mantova, a city of art of Renaissance. She spends her childhood in a small village on the banks of the Pô. Drawings, watercolours, oil paint, photos, she finds a freedom of movements. The maturity is there, same as love. Benedetta is fascinated by the discovery of the world. Her works feed on meetings and crossed landscapes. On 2004–2008, she was selected for the four-year exhibition Leonardo da Vinci (Exposed at Vittoriano in Roma and in Thomas Charles Gallery, USA). In 2006, her painting is transformed into mirages with the discovery of Algerian Sahara. In 2008, she was invited by the Contemporary Art of Riez. In 2009, she displayed with 7 other international artists in Dubai, at Cuadro Fine Art Gallery. In 2010, she left for residence to Morocco and eventually took up with Asia with the discovery of the Burmese jungle. In 2012, she decided to travel again to India, which offers her the best of the surprises. She paints the waves of Indian Ocean, the dunes of the desert of Thar and the valleys of Himalaya.