Tonino Maurizi

Tonino Maurizi is an Italian painter, sculptor, designer, and cabinet-maker. Fascinated by the poetics of Futurism, Maurizi began creating wooden sculptures full of movement. His studies at Brera Academy encouraged experimentations, but meeting Ivo Pannaggi brought him aloof from his country towards Germany and Sweden. There, he comes in contact with Bauhaus ideals of geometrically accurate yet easy qualities. The aim to collect art, handicraft, and technology led him back to his origins subsequently. The features of his work got him to reach the fashion industry. In this period, he had experience with Dior fashion house in Paris and through that he developed his personal style where beautiful is always united with function as well as the fusion between the memory of the past and the present, the beautiful and the function, the form and its idea. Through his numerous explorations into Abstractionism, Informal art, and classical Italian Futurism, his works belong to an area existing among these three artistic movements.