Lenny Ratnasari Weichert

She is a multimedia artist whose work derives from a multitude of corresponding identities, entrenched in a deeply rooted curiosity for the exploration of the conflicting aspects of human uniqueness. Lenny Ratnasari Weichert, lives in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Singapore and Germany. Having always been at the cross-roads of a ‘glocal’ reference system, her art contemplates a multi-layered embeddedness of personality, spirit and gender within this context.By connecting a distinctive multi-facetted heuristic journey between the Orient and Occident, investigating religion, subcultures, taboo and the positioning of women in society. Her art contemplates a multi-layered view of communicating identities, by drawing on aspects of opposing cultures and finding a dialogue between them. Her current journey between the Orient and Occident, sets out to describe a relationship of bi-national and ethnic contexts.