Anddy Romeo Dulait

Anddy Romeo Dulait, a Bajau lad with extraordinary skills when it comes to producing realist paintings and art in general. Anddy is a doer, jobs gets done when he is around. He is being very detailed and precise in his artworks. Currently, he’s working as a freelance artist, illustrator and muralist, and is a key member of Cracko Art Group (C.A.G). Anddy had participated in numerous exhibitions such as Artpreciate Group Exhibition for Charity, New V Group Art Exhibition at Balai Seni Negeri Sabah and Cracko Art Group Circus exhibition at Artemis Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. Previously, Anddy was a graphic artists who is tasked to paint murals and discovery modules. He had started off as a freelance graphic designer who was involved in special projects on graphic art/design, mainly on oil painting, mural paintings and caricatures.