Abu Zaki Hadri

Abu Zaki’s art career began in 1996 and he was granted the opportunity to have a personal art lesson with his uncle (Late Mansor Hj. Ghazalli), one of the greatest watercolourist members in Malaysia. In 2001. He had the opportunity to work and train closely with En. Zaini Zainul, one of the prominent architect and artist in Malaysia. He is more interested in the study of drawing and painting from the motif or from the conception of space and forming. His painting subjects focus on abstract landscape, townscape, cityscape and also portrait for commission work which is painted with oil and acrylic with the touch of impressionist to expressionist. The commercial goal, the required polished commercial work mentality is not about art but selling ideas that are not any part of arts deeper aesthetic value. It takes a living soul working as an artist in that current pursuit to freshly convey what it takes to make art.